AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215 Training course and theoretical knowledge examination


The following tables contain the syllabi for the courses of theoretical knowledge, as well as for the theoretical knowledge examinations for the PPL(A) and PPL(H). The training and examination should cover aspects related to non-technical skills in an integrated manner, taking into account the particular risks associated to the licence and the activity. An approved course shall comprise at least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction. This theoretical knowledge instruction provided by the ATO should include a certain element of formal classroom work but may include also such facilities as interactive video, slide or tape presentation, computer-based training and other media distance learning courses. The training organisation responsible for the training has to check if all the appropriate elements of the training course of theoretical knowledge instruction have been completed to a satisfactory standard before recommending the applicant for the examination.


Le programme de formation théorique de l’AMC précise les spécificités Avion et Hélicoptère. Possibilité d’enregistrer les heures de formation (exigence rendue non obligatoire Cf Alt Moc FCL.210). Possibilité de spécifier le format de la formation : Présentiel, Autoformation ou A distance. Possibilité pour le responsable de la formation de l’organisme de vérifier l’acquisition de l’ensemble des sujets par le candidat, et la part de la formation en présentiel avant de le proposer à l’examen théorique

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